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Eliminating Environmental Burden for Companies in California

FRS Environmental protects your company from liability resulting from the improper handling, recycling, and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. We ensure that your waste services balance your objectives, operational demands, and budget while eliminating your environmental burden and ultimately protecting your company’s value.

Our certified support teams will create a custom service program to remove your hazardous waste streams at your convenience while ensuring you are compliant with local, state, and Federal regulations. Learn more about our hazardous waste management services displayed below.

Waste Removal

FRS Environmental offers various waste services, such as Lab Pack and overpacking Services, Sampling & Analytical Services, Hazardous Waste Transportation, and Hazardous Waste Disposal. We also provide Soil Remediation, Manifesting & Profiling, Vacuum Pumping Services, and Product Destruction. Plus Tank Removal, Hazardous Waste Recycling, Non - Hazardous Waste Recycling, Emergency Response Service, and much more!

Types of Waste

We handle Non - Hazardous Waste, Non - RCRA Waste, RCRA Waste, Universal Waste and E-Waste.

Our Company provides professional Flammable Liquids & Solids handling to keep you out of harm's way, along with the handling of Corrosive Liquids & Solids, Poisons, and Miscellaneous Liquids & Solids.

FRS Will:

Transport Containers

We provide and use several hazardous waste transport containers, including Pails, Drums, Cubic Yard Boxes, Cubic Yard Sacks, Palletized Materials, and Totes.

Drummed and Bulk Waste
Vacuum Truck

Vacuum Pumping

We provide quality vacuum pumping services for your hazardous waste. Our company specializes in providing transportation and disposal of tanker waste. When service calls are received, FRS Environmental’s experienced technicians assess each customer’s unique requirements and respond quickly with safe and efficient wastewater management.

Vacuum Waste Services

Lab Packing

Safe, effective cleaning products using water-based technology to clean the toughest jobs the industrial world can create. FRS only uses the highest quality AQMD-approved solutions. Paints / Solvents, Production Retains, Sample Retains, Obsolete Products, Laboratory Chemicals, Cleaning Chemicals, and Misc. Products.

Pressure Washing

FRS Environmental provides emergency and on-call services for pressure washing to meet our client's needs. We create total cleaning solutions to meet our customer's needs.

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